The School Business Manager was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain timesheets due to non-completion daily, some staff unable to use computer-based time recording method effectively, and the expected return of signed paper copies of timesheets. To complete necessary timesheet procedures, the Business Manager found more time was spent on fixing, reminding and completing timesheets which could sometimes be a couple of pay periods behind for some staff.


TLM Solutions offered an easy solution for staff to record start and finish times daily with the use of biometric devices such as finger scan and facial recognition.

Attendance Reporting Made Easy

On entry and exit staff will use the device which records the actual time, with the data then available in customised software designed specifically for Education Queensland requirements. Results show the reduction of time a Business Manager needs to assist a staff with timesheet completion, therefore enabling the Business Managers time to be used in more hands-on areas of their role. Staff utilising the device are happy to start and end the day with a simple method of time recording and feel secure knowing when they are onsite, the Business Manager has access to a report listing staff, so they can be accounted for during evacuation drills or events. Numerous reporting features within the software have enabled better management of the time and attendance for staff and relived the frustration on both staff and Business Manager on time sheet production.

Affordably Priced, Always

Don’t bother paying an outrageous amount to get an average product when you can choose TLM Solutions for all your time attendance software needs! You’ll have a range of reporting options at your fingertips. View in-depth reports, print attendance charts, export or download, filter it by student or class, and much more. Our team of developers can add new features to optimise the speed and efficiency of reporting. Our advanced software is attendance reporting made easy for schools and education workforces that don’t want to waste any more time on taking roll.

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