Sep 4, 2019

The Biometrics of Signing In

Time Management

Technology is increasing so much every day it’s hard to keep up. Remember the old sci-fi movies where people would use retinal or fingerprint scanners to get access to secure locations? Well, today, this type of technology is available to almost anyone. You can use fingerprint scanners to unlock your phone. This type of technology is referred to as biometrics, and it’s only going to get more prevalent in our lives as it becomes more accessible and affordable. Many companies are even starting to use fingerprint scanners to log employee attendance. This is beneficial for companies for a variety of reasons that we’ll discuss below.

Accuracy and Accountability

Timeclocks that use punch cards or digital codes can have their flaws. People can sign in for one another. There are workarounds for employees to falsify the data. If there’s a will there’s a way, and employees have come up with some very interesting ways to fool timeclocks to make it seem like they are clocking in on time. With fingerprint scanners, there isn’t any way to fool the system. It’s either your fingerprint or it’s not, and you’re either on time or you’re not.

Overall, using fingerprint time clocks can help save time and money at the workplace. Hourly employees are responsible for signing in and signing out of their shifts, and payroll needs an accurate accounting of this. Timesheets can be forged. As we’ve already discussed, traditional time clocks can be tricked by one employee signing in another. Traditional time clocks can break or report inaccurately due to glitches. Fingerprint timeclocks give employers peace-of-mind knowing that when their employees sign in, they’re actually at work, the time of their arrival is recorded accurately, and there is little chance of error.

Acceptance of the System

Since cell phones and personal devices are now using fingerprint scanners regularly to confirm identity, people are very receptive to being fingerprinted. Before all this new technology, employees may have been guarded about their identities, but there’s quite a bit of acceptance today about biometric technology.

Low Cost and Maintenance

Biometric scanners such as fingerprint timeclocks are relatively affordable and require very little if any maintenance. Usually, they’re just simple wall-mounted devices that are easily programmable and keep track of sign-ins and sign-outs without any moving parts, simple firmware, and few if any required updates. You can even set all of this up on a tablet or even a smartphone, making sign-ins portable if so desired.

There are many types of fingerprint time clocks available, usually costing around $400 to $500. As mentioned, tablets can be used as well as phones, but the wall-mounted versions are easily the best and most affordable choice.

Very Reliable

Biometric technology has come a long way, and new improvements are happening every day. Today, employees can have wet, dry, clean, or dirty fingers and still have no problem using biometric scanners. The technology has become this advanced. Systems today are very reliable and help ensure employees are getting to work on time.

If you aren’t using fingerprint time clocks at your place of work, today they are affordable and more reliable than ever before.

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