Feb 1, 2019

The Top 7 Things you Need to Know Before Choosing Your Time & Attendance Software

Time Management

In order to pick the best time and attendance software for your business, it’s important to separate the different factors that are a part of the overall solutions. Before purchasing the software, you need to first consider the hardware that will come with it. Likewise, you want to make sure you’re utilizing a time and attendance solution provider rather than just a software you must handle on your own. Looking at each key feature separately to determine the 7 things you need to know is the best way to choose the time and attendance software that truly fits your business and its needs.

1. Hardware, AKA the time clock

The hardware you’ll set up in your physical business will be the time clock that logs an employee’s time when they identify them. At TLM Solutions, we offer biometric time to record systems, which includes facial recognition as well as fingerprint scanning. You don’t want to consider the time and attendance software without knowing which hardware you’re going to use with it.

2. The Time and attendance software

Once you’ve established the hardware that best fits the needs of your workplace or you’ve chatted with us to tailor a time clock specifically for your business, it’s time to determine the best software for your business. Granted, once you choose the hardware, the provider and software ought to come from the same source. However, even though the same source, you have many different options and features to choose from. Depending on restrictions and exceptions you specify ahead of time, the number of employees you want to support, centralised data, flexibility, and many other variables, you’ll end up with software that’s custom-tailored to your workforce’s needs and requirements.

3. Deciding on the best attendance and time solution provider

Choosing between the many time and attendance solution providers out there can be a tricky task to manage. Fortunately, you can compare vendors easily by considering four different aspects and finding the best provider that meets all four aspects. Those four aspects are value, software stability, customer support, and reputation.

4. Value

Finding the best software and provider to manage your attendance and time reporting will require an investment, but it will ultimately save you money. The truth is, businesses can anticipate overpaying their employees 1% to 8% due to human error. With the tendency to round up or down when punching in a time, utilizing a system that can log your employee’s times by the exact second can save you literally thousands a year. After all, at 100 full-time employees being paid $15 an hour, a 1% error is a loss of $2600 per month. Imagine how much your business could be saving with a more efficient reporting system.

5. Software Stability

Most software will, generally, have a glitch from time to time. They’re annoying, impact productivity, and can be a real hassle when you don’t have the right provider to fix the glitch or bug quickly. Before a small bug can turn into a gigantic pest, you want a time and attendance solution provider that can engage in a timely solution.

6. Customer Support

Real-time problems deserve to be met with real-time answers. That’s why you deserve a time and attendance solution provider that’s able to respond to your concerns, questions, and issues in a reasonable time frame. Likewise, local support that’s easy to reach out to is much more preferred than having to call a support line and speak to someone that from a call centre that doesn’t understand the situation. At TLM Solutions, we like to provide a personal touch to our customer service, which is why you’ll always receive local, in-house help desk support.

7. Reputation

Look at the testimonials and reviews that a software provider has. Do customers think they offer the best services and products? Are there any referrals that can be found for the provider? If you’re only seeing negative experiences or there are no testimonials to read, signs point to that provider not being the best one for you.

TLM Solutions provides local help support even after the sale, providing you with the software and the hardware as your time and attendance solutions provider. We have our own team of programmers that can add new features to your software to suit your business needs, accommodate settings, and much more. Reach out to TLM Solutions today so that we can turn your attendance reporting into an efficient, organised system you and your employees can all love.

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