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We are the Experts in all things ‘Attendance’ – Time Clocks, Time Cards and Biometric Attendance Systems in Queensland.

TLM Solutions offer the best value time cards & time clocks, plus modern Biometric Attendance Systems including Fingerprint & Facial Scanners. Turn your attendance reporting into an efficient, organised system that you and your employees will love.

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Latest trending PRODUCTS

U300-C is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for Time & Attendance applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed.

$595.00 + GST

KF160 is an innovative terminal for management employee attendance and basic access control functions. User verification is performed using face recognition or ID cards. The verification process takes less than 1 second.

$795.00 + GST

The uFace302 multi-biometric identification time attendance and access control terminal from TLM Solutions adopts ZKSoftware’s latest ZEM600 platform with ZK Face 7.0 algorithm and large capacity memory.

$995.00 + GST

The Z120 is a time recorder for working time recording on a new monthly stamp card with 6 columns / 31 rows (weekly and 2-weekly cards also available) to simplify the punch clock operation and following payroll work.

$375.00 + GST

The TP-50 allows two lines of printing by one action, & up to 4 print patterns can be registered. Just select a desirable print set when you punch. It has a graphical display to enable you to operate the device intuitively.

$520.00 + GST

The QR-395 is a calculating time recorder, and will save your Administration team a huge amount of time with totaling of worked hours printed on the time cards.  Ask about our FREE pre-programming! Time cards & ribbons available. 

$520.00 + GST

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TLM Solutions Provides Fingerprint Scanners
& Biometric Solutions Australia-wide

Increased Accuracy

All inaccurate handwritten start and finish times are a thing of the past. Improve the accuracy of clock punches by making it easy for your staff to clock in and out.

Prevent buddy punching

By utilising either facial recognition or finger scanning for your time solutions, you can eliminate employees being able to clock in for their co-workers.

Eliminate Time Theft

Start and finish times are recorded as the exact time, down to the minute, which maximises your workplace productivity overall.

Reduce accounting & payroll errors

No more manually entering timesheet data for payroll to then carefully look through to make sure there are no errors.

More cost-effective than card systems

No need to purchase time clock ribbons or cards – with facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, your employees will always have their identification handy.

Tailored software that can suit any need

We have our own programmers so new features can be added to suit our client’s needs.

Local support

You can expect Australian based, in-house help desk support instead of an overseas call centre.

Easy to use software

You no longer have to waste time learning complicated software just to reach the same outcome our solutions can provide for you.

Rigorous data security

Paper timesheets are not on display for anyone to see – all your employee’s information is secure within this software.

Read what Our Clients have to say...

  • Wanted to let you know how great the help support is – they get back to you straight away regarding queries which is wonderful! Can you please pass on our thanks to them for their quick responses.

    Robina State High School
  • I am very pleased to report to you that we have now been using TLM fingerscan for 8 weeks, and we are LOVING it! The system has proved to be very simple to use, it is working really well and we are very happy with the amount of time it is saving us. It is so much less stressful than the old way of doing timesheets!

    Eagle Junction State School
  • Bartle Frere Bananas have had a relationship with TLM Solutions since 2007. We are now on our second updated system. We have found the system easy to use and with little to no trouble. Our current system has been a benefit to our business in making the wages procedure much easier to process and manage. Bartle Frere Bananas highly recommends this system to any business.

    Bartle Frere Bananas
  • Just a note of appreciation for all the good work you have done in installing and updating our TimeLOG system. The system has vastly improved our time and attendance tracking capabilities and has made us much more aware of our staff movements and highlighted our expenditure areas.

  • I am a big fan of your time clock system and hope most Queensland schools will install it!

    Cleveland District State High School
  • Wanted to let you know that I feel that a weight has been taken off my shoulders since using the fingerprint scan system. Seriously, with 50 staff, timesheets took over 1½ days from my time each fortnight. I no longer have to chase people for their sheets. Thank you for developing this system. I love it!

    Yeronga State High School
  • One of the great features in TLM Attendance Manager is the Onsite Report. With the press of a couple of buttons the software does a quick poll of time clocks and produces a report of staff on site. Useful to check if someone is in or not and printed it makes an instant roll for an emergency evacuation.

    Maroochydore State High School
  • I just thought I would drop you a quick email to give to some feedback on the new system we have. I love it. It is fairly straight forward and have no issues with it thus far.

    Rolscar Smash Repairs
  • Since 2008 our business has been using a hand punch system from TLM Solutions, where the workers are entered by reading the palm of their hand and allocated a number for easy and timeless recording of Attendance. Over the years we have used other Attendance systems for example Card Punch systems and found that records could be manipulated by a buddy system of clocking their friends in and out when they were late or absent. The Hand Punch Attendance & Software System is user friendly, saving time by calculating the hours staff attended and linking it to your compatible payroll program such as MYOB. I recommend TLM Solutions for this product because of their support, service and assistance in all aspects of system operation.

    Leahy Bananas


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