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Save Up To 20k per year with Modern Time & Attendance Solutions using Biometric Fingerprint Scanners & Facial Recognition Systems. Create On-Site Reports. Perfect For Companies From 10-50 Employees. Australian Help Desk Support.

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Our Featured Products

Fingerprint Time & Attendance Terminal U300-C

U300-C is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for Time & Attendance applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed.

$595.00 + GST

ZKTeco uFace302 Multi-Biometric Terminal

The uFace302 multi-biometric identification time attendance and access control terminal from TLM Solutions adopts ZKSoftware’s latest ZEM600 platform with ZK Face 7.0 algorithm and large capacity memory.

$995.00 + GST

TLM Solutions Provides Fingerprint Scanners & Biometric Solutions Australia-wide

Increased accuracy

All inaccurate handwritten start and finish times are a thing of the past. Improve the accuracy of clock punches by making it easy for your staff to clock in and out.

Prevent buddy punching

By utilising either facial recognition or finger scanning for your time solutions, you can eliminate employees being able to clock in for their co-workers.

Eliminate Time Theft

Start and finish times are recorded as the exact time, down to the minute, which maximises your workplace productivity overall.

Reduce accounting and payroll errors

No more manually entering timesheet data for payroll to then carefully look through to make sure there are no errors.

More cost-effective than card systems

No need to purchase time clock ribbons or cards – with facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, your employees will always have their identification handy.

Tailored software that can suit any need

We have our own programmers so new features can be added to suit our client’s needs.

Local support

You can expect in-house help desk support instead of an overseas call centre.

Easy to use software

You no longer have to waste time learning complicated software just to reach the same outcome our solutions can provide for you.

Rigorous data security

Paper timesheets are not on display for anyone to see – all your employee’s information is secure within this software.

Preferred QLD Government Supplier

The TLM Difference

Built for businesses like yours

Our goal is to always put the customer first, which means you can rely on TLM Solutions to personalise our software to optimise your workforce. We aim to lead you to a time-saving, more efficient path and empower you to do so with a diverse range of Biometric time recording systems, servers and more.

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