Feb 1, 2019

How to Monitor & Prevent Time Attendance Issues

Time Management

Time and attendance solutions are optimised now more than ever with TLM Solutions. We minimise the amount of time you have to spend reviewing time entries for payroll at the end of the pay period, eliminate buddy punching where employees clock in or out for their co-workers, and much more. That makes being able to monitor time entries and identify attendance issues easier than ever.

Use biometric time recording systems

The biometric time recording systems we use at TLM Solutions requires a fingerprint scan or facial recognition for the employee to clock in or out. This means you can get a genuine report of time entries your employees have made, monitoring it bi-weekly, weekly, or even daily to identify attendance issues in the workforce. How you monitor these reports will help you identify attendance issues faster.

Note Punch Exceptions

There’s going to be a pattern for most employees on their attendance habits. Maybe they come in late or leave early, maybe someone’s punching in when they’re not scheduled to be there – whatever the case, you can monitor these patterns and see what sticks out of the ordinary. You can also prevent these issues from happening going forward by addressing it with the employee as soon as a new pattern is detected.

Look at the details

Our team of developers enables us to personalise your attendance software for your workplace, enabling new features to make monitoring attendance as easy as possible. You can take note of daily details and get notifications when employees punch in or out with their time cards, haven’t shown up for their shift, and so much more.

Address poor attendance

Once you’ve noted that there are irregularities between an employee’s scheduled shift and their recorded clock in and clock out times, you must decide what to do next. We provide all the solutions necessary to be able to gain the evidence needed to show poor attendance habits are being demonstrated, it’s just a matter of how to address it to your employee from there.

First, find out the circumstance for the employee being late or leaving early. If it’s become a pattern or an often occurrence, find out the circumstance that keeps causing this to happen to the employee.

Once they state the issue causing them to have less than perfect attendance, the next step is to find out if that type of issue is unavoidable. If it is, consider what your business needs to do with the employee to solve the attendance problem.

For example, is your employee having to leave work 30 minutes early to pick up their child from school every day? Would they be able to arrive at work 30 minutes earlier in the morning to still get their full shift and not cost productivity hours? Rather than simply compromising for the employee’s benefit, you can accommodate the employee and still optimise their time being used.

Make it a team effort

Instead of just addressing attendance issues with individual employees, you can boost morale and stimulate a positive competitive atmosphere by diving the workforce into teams. Each team strives to achieve the best possible attendance for a week, pay period, month, or quarter, and the team who has the best attendance for the period wins a prize. This incentivises each employee to not only maintain 100% attendance for themselves but also for their teammates.

TLM Solutions strives to provide a wide range of the best labour and time recorders for operations both large and small. Our dynamic team aims to help your workforce increase productivity, reduce staff costs, plan future projects, and improve job-costing so much more efficiently. Order via the online store now to optimise your workforce attendance and make time reporting a breeze.

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