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CRT-04 Ink Ribbon for Amano, Timmy, Needtek Time Recorders

$44.00 inc. GST | $40.00 exc. GST

Product Description

This blue and red ink ribbon, Nideka brand, fits the following time recording clocks:

• PIX-200
• PIX-3000
• CP-3000

Also suitable for:

• AMANO (BX-6200/EX-3000N/3100N/3200N/3500N/4000N/5100N/5200/6000N/6100N/6200N/9000/9100/9200, NS-5000/5100, PIX-10/200/21/3000)
• LUCKS (LD-5000/5000A)
• NEEDTEK (TS-350, UT-5000/5300/5600/6000/6300/6600/7000/7300/7600)
• NIDEKA (MD-10/20/30/40, ND-6000N/6000NA/6000NS)
• TIMMY (T-6/6B/6S/6SB, T-7B/7S)
• VERTEX (TR-200C/512B/512L/895B)

Tip on installation: Tension the ribbon prior to placing in the time recorder and after by turning the knob in the direction of the arrow once or twice to ensure ribbon is running freely.

Also known as item number CE-315150

Once item has been removed from sealed plastic covered, no warranty is available.

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount

Buy 6 – 10 and get $2.00 (ex GST) off each ribbon


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