Feb 18, 2020

What is a Biometric Attendance System?

Time Management

Biometrics provide added security. This can be incredibly beneficial when used in a work environment. Biometric terminals use advanced technology to scan fingerprints. With a biometric attendance system, employee attendance is accurately logged.

You can prevent time theft and attendance abuse. You have the option to restrict access to certain rooms in your business. You can also simplify your entire attendance and record keeping system.

What is a biometric terminal? Essentially, employees scan their fingerprint on the terminal, which then verifies the identity of the user to allow employees to clock in or out.

Biometric attendance systems rely on multispectral imaging to accurately scan fingerprints & facial contours. They look beyond the layers of grease, dirt, sweat, and moisture using different wavelengths of light to enhance the quality of the data capture. The imaging system creates a digital imaging array. The fingerprint/facial contour is then stored as a computer algorithm. You cannot retrieve the fingerprints from the system. This increases security.

This is the most secure system for tracking time and attendance.

Proximity terminals are wall-mounted terminals that can be used in just about any setting. You can use the biometric scanner with or without additional input methods.

You can combine biometric terminals with TLM Attendance Manager – our time and attendance software, built in-house at our Head Office in Coomera, Queensland. This allows you to simplify your attendance system, so that employees will simply be able to scan their fingerprint in order to clock in or out.

Integrating with our software means you will be able to prevent payroll errors. You can ensure that every minute worked by every employee is correctly logged into the central system. Time theft and attendance abuse can be a real threat in any business. Employees may clock each other in or out. This is a practice known as buddy punching. With biometric scanners, there is no way for an employee to clock in or out another employee. Biometric terminals are incredibly easy to use. Employees simply have to scan their fingerprints. This provides an easy way for your employees to clock in or out. If you have shift workers, this can save you a considerable amount of time. Your employees will no longer have to wait in line in order to clock in or out. You also have the option to install biometric terminals in multiple locations throughout your workplace. If you are using the biometric terminal to restrict access to certain rooms, you can install the terminals wherever they are needed.

TLM Solutions supply & create the software for proximity terminals – combining the biometric terminal with the use of a key fob or swipe card will also increase the overall security of the system.

The bottom line is that biometric attendance systems offer a superior way to track time and attendance.

Contact TLM Solutions now to find out about biometric proximity terminals & learn how things are changing and how we can help you!

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