In 2005, a Gold Coast based boat building company contacted us about a simple way of recording start and finish times for their staff. The solution at the time was a cardboard time card system for each employee to use purely to register the start time, lunch times and finish of the day. Two years later, the company had grown substantially and so had the number of employees. They opted for something software based and purchased a system allowing employees to use magnetic stripe swipe cards on the terminal and retrieving the information via a USB to load into the software for calculations.


This early version of software based time recording was used for over 10 years until the magnetic stripe reading device encountered a failure. Due to the age of the reader device, parts had become obsolete, unfortunately leaving the client with either reverting back to a time card system or changing the time and attendance system completely.

Knowing the client’s requirements for staff time recording through having a great business relationship, TLM Solutions was able to replace the unrepairable system with a new solution, with a seamless transition. With the use of proximity cards and a new terminal, employees were able to tap their card against the device, registering the times of work and lunch breaks and enabling an onsite
report for evacuations. With a variety of devices from a trusted overseas manufacturer available, the clients concern of future device failure was alleviated.

Coupling the new device with the TLM Attendance Manager software, the client found the change over in software seamless and are thrilled with the extra reporting capabilities, able to calculate ordinary worked hours and overtime hours per employee and department. This has assisted the company in better time management which has made for a more productive team on the floor.

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