A company located in the industrial region of Ipswich were utilising a calculating time recorder, which adds the worked hours on each line of the time card. This method was suitable at the time however staff numbers grew and administration time on processing increased. The company employs drivers, manufacturing floor staff and administration staff. Staff were notified not to start earlier before their designated start time to help keep wages within the budget. After numerous times of running out of time cards for staff, they enquired about another solution.


In 2012, the company purchased a proximity card time recording device with Attendance Manager Standard edition software for up to 50 employees. With the company taking on more manufacturing work, the factory expanded and purchased another 2 proximity card devices for the expansion. This enabled staff to clock in on one device and clock out on any other device with attendance times registering in the software.

Biometric Facial Recognition Eliminates “Buddy-Punching”

2017 saw major growth for the company with staff numbers jumping to over 50 and the company upgrading the software to Professional version. With staff numbers so high, concerns arose relating to staff ‘buddy punching’ – the clocking in or out of another staff member with the use of their proximity card. To ensure authenticity of staff onsite, the company purchased biometric facial recognition units and discontinued the use of the proximity card devices.

The TLM Attendance Manager software allows for customisation to specific shifts and calculates the worked hours from the designated start time not the time arrived onsite. This feature continues to keep budgets in line with projected figures. The actual onsite arrival time lends to Workplace Health and Safety rules as the actual arrival time ensures our staff are covered should there be any onsite incidents.

Complete Company-Wide Overview of Time Recording

The company opened another site in New South Wales, installing a biometric finger scan unit for a small contingent of staff. The supervisor can retrieve the data from the unit and email it to the payroll processing team to allow for a complete overview of time recording for the company.

Payroll tax, superannuation and employees WorkCover is based on the actual true worked paid time. Administration time has enabled payroll to be completed in half a day and staff have become more accountable for their time recording.

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